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Drum Building Workshops, Classes, and Community Facilitation

Consider us your vehicle to spark rhythmic engagement.  Our drum-building workshops take place at festivals, in backyards, at campgrounds, and in schools. They last anywhere from 1-5 days, depending on the event, the type of drums we're building, and the age-group of the drum-builders! Not a drummer? Don't worry - we'll teach you the basics along the way!

Build a drum with us! It's an intense process that will leave you proud and energized; a powerful journey of self-discovery. 



Kids from age 5+ will have a fun and memorable experience building their own drum. This workshop can be completed in an afternoon. Younger kids will enjoy decorating their own shell (while we stretch and attach the skins), and older kids will go through the process of sanding, decorating, and stretching their own skins. Choose from painting, staining, tie-dyeing, or wood-burning (for older kids)!  If you've got a vision, we can make it happen! Our workshop is rewarding and FUN! Afterwards, we'll teach each participant how to find their own rhythm! We keep our workshops as affordable as possible. Prices range from $25-60 per child for materials (depending on chosen drum styles/options).


Our workshops are meant to be transformative experiences. You will walk away with several new skills, and your finished product will be something made entirely by you. Anybody can make a beautiful drum, and we'll guide you every step of the way! You don't need to know how to play, draw, or paint in order to build one of your own, so don't let that stop you!


Our adult workshops can last anywhere from 1-5 days and the intensity wavers with both the goals/intentions of the workshop as well as the type of drum each person chooses. For example, djembes take longer to complete than ashikos by design - our djembes are lathe-turned, with the bowl and base as two separate pieces. Participants will do a combination of sanding, staining, lacquering, waxing, oiling, painting, or tye-dyeing (depending on their drum design). Some steps will take 30 minutes while other steps take a few hours to complete. Your drum design can be as simple or as complex as you'd like. For this reason, we schedule our workshops so participants have a few days to complete their drums. Work, play, eat, break. Work, play, eat, break. You'll complete the work in several sittings.  We do a lot of these workshops at camping festivals because they provide the perfect setting for this reason!


Our adult workshop pricing is entirely dependent on drum and wood type. Hard-woods cost a little bit more than softer woods. Our participants typically spend an average of $75-300 per drum (with several pricing gradients in-between). 

*Note: If we're traveling pretty far to get to you (and we're happy to do so!), then there may be additional transportation/workshop fees. 


In addition to vending and leading drum-building workshops, you can hire our team to teach a variety of hands-on classes, including but not limited to: World Percussion Basics, Hand Drumming 101, Drum Maintenance & Repair, Tuning, Drum Methods & Techniques, Transferring Western Rudiments to Hand Drums (and vice versa!).  Prefer lectures or TED-style talks/classes? We can bring that, too! 

Examples of recent classes and workshops Dhani has led throughout Southeast Louisiana:

ABC:RLRL - Transfering the Drum Alphabet

The Pulse of Place:  Historical Rhythmic Patterns of New Orleans

When Women CALL, Women RESPOND

“Diddle What?” Adapting Snare Rudiments to Hand Drums   

Drawing Down the Beat: A Women's Drum Space 

"Drumfulness!" Experience Your Brain on Drums 

Maintaining and Charging Your Drum

“If you can say it, you can play it!”


During multi-day workshops, we like to make plenty of time to stop and play. Remember, a drum circle is really a PEOPLE circle! We'll start and end our workshops and classes with a drum circle. Just say the word, and we'll take it from there! Likewise, we absolutely love to lead community drum circles!


Want to unify a group that will enjoy the benefits of participating in a drum circle? We've got you covered. Drum circles can include a handful or hundreds of participants! They are noisy, fun, family-friendly events - no previous experience necessary. They are the perfect tool for team-building, and a breath of fresh air in our anxiety-laden world. Together we will celebrate, life, community, and spontaneous music-making! We are proud members of the Drum Circle Facilitator's Guild (DCFG), an organization of and for professional, trained facilitators of rhythm based events.

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