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  • How long does it take to build a drum?
    This is the #1 question we get asked at every event, and the answer is not simple. There are endless variables to the timing of your drum birth, which has everything to do with how YOU choose to decorate and finish it. Add a coat of paint - let it try. Add a coat of stain - let it try. Add a coat of polyeurethane - let it try. Add a coat of Teak Oil - let it try. Spend two hours woodburning your favorite symbol. Spend ten minutes tie-dyeing your skin. You have all of these options (and more!) during our workshops. See why it's a hard question to answer? Each of those steps takes anywhere from 5 minutes (staining/poly) to several hours (detailed painting/woodburning). Unlaced drums (festies and chubbies) with absolute minimal decor can be finished in under two hours. Ashikos with minimal decor can be finished in 5-7 hours. Djembes with minimal decor can be finished in 8-10 hours - BUT keep in mind that our djembe shells are lathe-turned and begin as two halves. They need to sit for several hours BETWEEN decorating (beginning of the process) and lacing (end of the process) - usually overnight. The lesson here: Do not plan to make a djembe in just one day.
  • What should I bring to prepare for your workshop?
    Stay HYDRATED and well-fed with nutritious snacks. It takes a lot more energy that you'd imagine to build a drum. If we're at an outdoor festival, bring a folding chair or blanket/cushion to sit on. You are more than welcome to come prepared with your own art supplies, however the price of your drum includes fair use of the supplies we have on hand.
  • You seem really active during the spring/summer season. Will you host workshops during the winter?
    Yes, absolutely! Most of our workshops take place during months with nicer weather because we require a large workshop space, and it's easier to host outdoors. We do a lot of sanding, painting, staining, and wood-burning - so solid workshop ventilation is a must. If you have access to an venue that would work during the colder months, we'd be happy to host a winter workshop. NOTE: We don't need a huge space kids workshops - just one large room is A-OK.
  • Will you ship unfinished drum kits if I want to do this at home?
    Yes. Email us at to start the conversation.
  • Can we build a ceremonial drum with you?
    No, we do not offer Native ceremonial frame drums. Ceremonial objects infused with cultural energy need to be intentionally built with their function and context in mind. They are laced with ritual and generations of etiquette, and it would be inappropriate for us to build these in a secular setting.
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